The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In life, we are given more second chances than we realize. It’s time to wake up and realize just how lucky we truly are and learn to take full advantage of each and every day we have here on earth. If you were given the opportunity of a lifetime, what would you do?

Told by the doctors I have minutes to live,
With my life on the line, I have nothing to give.
Thinking about my past, and the errors of my life,
No children, no family, not even a wife.

If I had a second chance would I change in any way?
My life would be different, I would live every day.
I would constantly laugh and share smiles with all,
Soar to the sky and not let myself fall.

Be spoiled with good food, and of course, wine,
My life would be perfect and also divine.
Celebrate each day by enjoying more sweets.
Have lots of children and bring them home treats.

I would shower in the sun and bathe in the rain,
Make Mother Nature my friend, but never in vain.
Sing out loud, as well as dance,
All this I would do if given the chance.

The doctor comes in and unplugs the machine,
He says to go home; this is all just a dream.
I’m dazed and confused, no doubt you are too,
But I’ll take this second chance and start my life anew.

3 comments on “The Opportunity of a Lifetime

  1. Halfrican says:

    I just finished reading a few of your poems, and I have to say this one gives chills. I think death is a powerful subject for many people, but I loved how you turned the angst of death into appreciation for life. Don’t take it the wrong way, i enjoyed a few of your posts. My biggest disappointment in my community is the downfall of humanity. I’ve always felt a strong sense of common courtesy and respect for others. Many people in life share common paths, walking side by side, only knowing a neighbors silhouette and never their face.

    • danbalva says:

      Death is something that so many of us dread, but all when you enjoy life to the fullest, there’s no need to fear the way life works. And as you said, we don’t always take the time to get to meet our neighbors, but the kinder we are to one another, the better it is for humanity and for the sake of enjoying our lives!

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