Overcoming The Word “No”

In life, there will be plenty of instances in which we will be faced with the infamous word “No.” No, you cannot eat dessert before dinner; No, you cannot miss school tomorrow; No, I will not give you extra credit; No, I will not give you extra vacation days; No, I won’t go on a date with you; No, I won’t be your boyfriend/girlfriend; No, you are not the right person for the job; And No, I will not go home with you (thought I’d add that in there for a little more excitement).

At the time, a big “No” stamped on our foreheads may seem like quite the difficult obstacle to overcome, but in actuality, is really isn’t. When faced with the word “No,” we should use that rejection as motivation to continue on with what we’re doing to ultimately achieve our desired goal(s).

Accept the challenge of a “No” and keep on going until you find yourself moving in the right direction. The value of hard work is one in which we have to put in an effort in order to achieve what we want. So don’t expect someone to just ask you out, and don’t expect a great job to just fall in your lap. If you put in some kind of an effort, not only can you achieve all of these things, but you will find what is right for you, regardless of what it is that you desire in life.

6 comments on “Overcoming The Word “No”

  1. Thanks for the follow! Hope you don’t mind if I play devil’s advocate for a second, but this post discusses something I’ve been struggling with for a while. I can handle rejection from jobs and things like that, but getting rejected by people (particularly females…) often feels like too much to bear.

    Historically, the few times I’ve gotten up the courage to ask someone out, I wasn’t just rejected – the girls fell off the face of the earth. Broke off all contact, and I never saw them again. On the other hand, the few times I’ve just sat around and waited for the girl to make a move… she has. It’s tough to ignore trends that strong, you know?

    I guess the question I’m posing is, how far do you extend your philosophy? For example, if you ask out 50 girls, and all 50 reject you (extreme scenario, I know), can you really be expected to somehow turn that into a positive thing and say, “No matter, I’m sure #51 is the charm!”?

    Great post, I’m not trying to knock it, just curious about your thoughts!

    • danbalva says:

      Hey Ethan! I’m glad you played devil’s advocate on this post because you definitely brought up a good point. And actually, your question inspired my most recent post that I just published. It was originally meant as my response to you, but I figured I should post it instead incase anyone else was wondering the same thing as you. Please let me know if it answers your question, as I’d love to continue this conversation!

      All best,

  2. So true. I am learning this.

  3. I loved this. Overcoming the word “no” sure opens up a LOT of opportunities in life if you choose to look around instead of focusing on “no”.
    As a parent, I found out that I can say “yes” more often if I open up my OWN mind.
    “Yes, you can have a cookie” (and I add) “after dinner.”
    “Yes, we will go to the zoo on our next day off.”
    “Yes, you can go outside, after it stops raining.”
    I know we can learn from hearing no, but I don’t always want to be saying it!! 🙂

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