Snapshot Challenge Saturday

On the last medical mission I attended in June, one of the volunteers purchased customized soccer jerseys for all of the children at Misioneros Del Camino. Not only did they get brand new jerseys, but they also received matching shorts, socks, and hats, to make it official. The second they put on their new soccer uniforms, they separated into two teams and started playing. The children were so excited to have been given what so many of us take for granted, and that in itself was truly a beautiful sight to see.


Day 7 in Spain: Los Campeones Del Euro Cup!!!

Yesterday was the Euro Cup finals, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the tournament, it’s when all European play each other in “futbol” (known to us as soccer) to win this prestigious cup. One of the host moms of a girl on my trip owns a bar by our university, so she invited us to watch the game, and as we had just arrived, Spain scored their first goal which was insane! Various bars on the street set up big screen TV’s outside for the locals to watch, and everyone was covered in red (because not only is it the team’s main color, but their nickname is “la furia roja,” meaning “the red fury,” so the excitement and enthusiasm throughout the night was beyond unbelievable. Spain went on to defeat Italy with the final score being 4-0 and as you can imagine, the streets were packed with fans, the bars became even more crowded, seeing as people were looking to celebrate, and the pride that everyone had for their country was overwhelming. It was so great to see so many people come together for a mutual cause and really cheer their country on.

After the game, our friend’s host mom invited us into the bar where the real celebration began. Drinks were flowing, music was blasting, and everyone was dancing! People came inside from the streets and danced as if they just won the lottery! I had such a great time seeing this firsthand, and even though I’m only a temporary resident of the country, I couldn’t help but feel pride in being here in Spain and being a part of the country; especially after just winning the Euro Cup!