What Will I Be Remembered For?

Alright, I’m going to be blunt here and say what no one wants to hear. We’re all going to pass away one day, and when that happens, there’s nothing left we can do. Hmm; it seems pretty obvious, huh? Well, here’s the catch… You have to read in between the lines to really understand what I’m getting at. 

If you want to leave a legacy behind, or make a difference in the world, you had better start now. We only have one shot here on earth, and in the game of life, there are no re-dos and no second chances. Yes, we will make mistakes and we will make them quite often, but this is the real deal. When people look back on your life after you pass away, no one will remember how big your flatscreen T.V. was, how many features your new car had, or how extravagent your house was. All of those “things” will be insignificant because people will only remember you for what you leave behind (and no, not the materialistic things you pass on to others).

Don’t get me wrong here, of course having a flatscreen T.V. will come in handy when watching the next big game, a great car will provide for smooth riding, and your dream-house will be of great comfort, but these aren’t the things that make life great and what shape the future. Making a differece in the community, going out and helping others, impacting generations to come, bringing joy and happiness to everyone around you; those will be the things that people remember you for.

Think of it this way: if you were to be looking down at your funeral procession, what would you want people to be saying about you? And for those who think this is meant to be a gloomy post (which I promise it isn’t), think about it like this, instead: if you were to be honored by your community for making a positive impact, what would you want to be honored for?

One person is all is takes to make a difference. And if you, yourself can help one person and one person only, you’ll have known that you made all the difference in the world. (Of course, we would all like to help as many people as possible, but even if it’s one single person,  you will still have made a positive impact). I hope I left you all with some food for thought today, and remember, you could be that one person! Have a great weekend 🙂