Misioneros Del Camino- The Start of Something Great

In 1986, Leonor Portela, more affectionately known as Mami Leo answered a call from God to pack her belongings and move to Guatemala to help abandoned, abused, and malnourished children. With $2,700 raised by her and her prayer group, and faith that the Lord would guide her, Mami Leo devoted nearly thirty years of her life living in the mountains, nourishing, educating, and loving countless Guatemalan children in need. On Thursday April 30th and Friday May 1st, Misioneros Del Camino will be participating in its annual Radio Marathon with La Poderosa 670 AM. Over the course of the next month, I’ll be showcasing how far Misioneros Del Camino has come in almost thirty years, all thanks to one incredible woman’s calling from God. You can also keep up with this month’s historical campaign by liking Misioneros Del Camino’s Facebook page!

In 1986, Misioneros Del Camino was established with six children who were not only provided food and shelter, but also a loving and nurturing home and environment for them to flourish. Shortly after the first few children came to Misioneros Del Camino nearly thirty years ago, the home quickly grew to more than fifty beautiful children and Mami Leo welcomed each and every one of them with arms wide open.