Going Back Home

Today was the last day of the Writer’s Digest 2012 Conference. As bittersweet as it was to leave, I happened to have been excited to take everything I have learned back home with me so that I can jumpstart my writing career. From marketing and publicizing my book to learning the ins and outs of the writing industry, I have definitely come out of this conference as a wiser writer. Besides, the networking this past weekend has been incredible, seeing as I was able to meet so many great fellow-writers who know what its like to get more rejection letters from agents than one could ever believe to be possible. I spoke with agents, editors from major publishing houses, published and unpublished authors, and newly-acquainted friends who all made this weekend as great as it was, leaving me with hopes of coming back to the next conference in 2013.

As a final thought for the evening, the guest speaker earlier today who concluded the conference was Chris Baty, founder of Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month. He quoted William Shed and exclaimed, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” This left each of the remaining attendees in the ballroom yearning to continue writing and working on our manuscripts because our works have no purpose sitting in our drawers at home or saved in some file on our laptops. While everyone loves reading a good book, every writer has the desire for their works to be read and enjoyed. This is why we constantly strive to get our works published. Mr. Baty ended his speech by saying, “There is someone out there who waited all their life to get their hands on your book, and they will get their hands on it.”

Tomorrow I’ll start the next chapter in my writing process, and email the agents who gave me their business cards and expressed interest in my book.¬†Until then, thanks for the hospitality and first snowfall of the new year New York, but it’s good to be back in sunny, not-too-cold Florida.