Snapshot Challenge Saturday

At the beginning of the year, I set out to challenge myself each and every Saturday for the following fifty-two weeks. I wanted myself to take the time to find something beautiful, and as I did, I wanted to capture that particular moment which I was enjoying. Throughout the year, I have been following through with my Snapshot Challenge Saturday, and surprisingly enough, I haven’t missed a single week.

What I enjoyed most about this challenge is that it helped me remember to stop and appreciate my surroundings. Whether it was a beautiful tree in the backyard that I had never yet noticed, a breathtaking view from where I was standing, a stunning sunset, or an adorable moment between two animals, I have seen so many beautiful sights these past fifty-two weeks, and I am so glad to have ventured out on this worthwhile experience.

I will most definitely continue with this challenge throughout 2016 because in an age of technology and cell-phones, it is so easy to miss out on incredible moments taking place around us. I would rather immerse myself in the beauty around me as opposed to regretting not having done so at a later point in time.

And so, with this last Snapshot Challenge of 2015, there are many beautiful pictures which I could have chosen from to conclude the year. However, this challenge has helped me realize that the most precious moments are those spent with loved ones closest to us. I am beyond thankful and appreciative to have such incredible people in my life, and I cannot think of anything more beautiful.



Have An Enlightening Halloween

Halloween, as we are all well aware of, is a holiday in which we try our best to scare those around us with costumes and spooky decorations, and then proceed to pig out on all the leftover candy. If you think about it, our lives can be compared to this much anticipated holiday in the sense that as kids, we can’t wait for the thrill of getting scared during Halloween and the excitement of collecting as many sweets as possible. However, as we get older, we come to realize that we will faced with a lot more scares than we would like to imagine. Illnesses, accidents, losses, etc. will come into our lives when we least expect them and they will change the way we perceive life and the way we live each and every day.

No matter how hard we try to prevent something bad from happening, it is only a matter of time before an unexpected occurrence takes place and leaves us in shock and disbelief. We can let these bad situations result in depression and solitude or we can try our best to continue living life to the fullest and enjoying each and every moment given to us. I recently read a great book by Mitch Albom, titled “The Time Keeper,” and thoroughly enjoyed the following quote. “There is a reason GOD limits our days…to make each one precious.” There is no guarantee as to how many days, months, years, or even breaths we will have on earth. Our time here is limited, as is our time with those we love.

I hope you all enjoy your Halloween now that the end of October is among us, but really try and remember: Scares will happen to us throughout our lives; it’s just the way life works. However, sweets will always be within reaching distance, and that is truly up to us to take advantage of at any given moment.

Live Like a Fruit Fly

I recently came across the book “Live Like a Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know” by Gabe Berman. In his book, he explains that the average life expectancy for fruit flies is only a few weeks. In their few week lifespan, I doubt that these fruit flies spend their time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future; well, maybe where they can find their next meal of decaying fruits and vegetables- but I think you get my point.

Berman goes on to discuss that with each passing second starting from the day we are born, we are that much closer to reaching our death, an inevitable aspect of life. For this reason, it is important to live our lives to the fullest because our time here is not guaranteed. What’s the point in wasting this precious gift of time that we have been given when we can instead be doing something great with ourselves? If there is something that you have always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten around to doing it, give it a shot sometime soon. The more your put it off, the further down it will go on your list of priorities. Think about it this way. If you pursue whatever it is that you wish to take part in, you can find something new that you would like to do. Hmm, sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Look, at the end of the day the point is this. You can let life slip through the cracks and spend it in a way that brings no joy to your life or to the lives of others. Or you can live a life filled with spontaneity, excitement, love, peace, and most important, fun. When it’s all said and done, there are is no rewinding of time or a redo button that you can push at the end of your life. There is only now. And now is the time to do it all. So I’m going to leave you with this one task: Do something you have always wanted to pursue. Whether it be skydiving, mountain climbing, waking up in time for the sunrise, coming home from work early to eat dinner with your family, or even asking that special someone on a date, live your life like a fruit fly and just go for it.