Day 2 In Bogotá, Colombia Continued: Andrés Carne de Res

After a long day of exploring Bogotá, we had the night off to do as we pleased—which really meant continue exploring the city on our own. As we were dropped off in the center of the city, we decided to stop at Andrés Carne de Res, also known as Andrés DC. First opened in 1982 by Andrés Jaramillo as a small restaurant with only ten tables, Andrés DC is now known throughout the city as a go-to restaurant and club for tourists and locals alike. Each floor in the restaurant is designed differently, as one represents hell, another represents purgatory, the third represents earth, and the last represents heaven. The concept of the restaurant is just as fascinating as the food is delicious.

After grabbing some appetizers and drinks at Andrés DC, we continued to walk throughout the city center until we found a restaurant to have dinner. As the night came to a close, we walked a little longer until returning to our hotel to prepare for a long day ahead—traveling to Cartagena, Colombia.

My Eyes Have Seen It All

There is so much “bad,” for lack of a better word, that occurs in today’s society, yet often times we don’t realize it, or we just choose to ignore it. It’s time for us to open our eyes and really see what’s going on around us, and help make a change for the better. Keep in mind, sometimes it may only even take a small, but drastic piece of writing to try to make a difference, and that can all start with you.

I am a witness; my eyes have seen it all,
I mind my own business as I sit by this wall.
No family or friends, not even a shelter,
The atrocities I’ve seen leave me to welter.

Muggings and rapes, murders as well,
I feel like we live in some kind of hell.
Abuse and violence, abandonment too,
Just a poor old fellow; what am I to do?

My legs cannot move, and my hands do not raise,
Where is this God we are all told to praise?
My voice has been silenced, my ears have tuned out,
Any chance for the future is something I doubt.

Children wander; looking for heat,
I forgot to mention, we have nothing to eat.
Others live in comfort and still make a fuss,
How is it, they have forgotten about us?

My eyes are now weary, and can take it no longer
As the minutes pass by, I get weaker, not stronger.
Leave me to die for my eyes have seen it all,
I’ve been a witness for too long, sitting by this wall.