Snapshot Challenge Saturday

This week’s Snapshot Challenge is one that is very special and meaningful. A member of my community just returned home from his service in the military. His family and neighbors all came together to welcome him home and thank him for his service to our country. So with this beautiful gesture of everyone coming together, I’d like to dedicate this week’s Snapshot Challenge to the men and women fighting for our country, as well as their family members anxiously awaiting for their loved ones to return home.


Fighting For A Cause

I recently returned home from a trip I took to Boston, MA this past weekend. During my vacation, I did some traveling and saw various historical sights including Paul Revere’s house, the Old Corner Bookstore, the Old South Meeting House, and many other landmarks along the Freedom Trail. While sightseeing, the only thing I could think of was the countless numbers of people who fought for a cause to get us to where we are today.

We each have an agenda in our lives and some kind of goal we wish to accomplish within the next month, year, five years, decade, and so on. No one can push us in the direction of accomplishing our hopes and dreams, for we have to motivate ourselves to get to that point of accomplishment. This isn’t like elementary school anymore where your mom constantly hounds you to complete your schoolwork; this is the real thing. If there is something you would like to achieve, make sure you do so, because before you know it, time will be running out and regret is one of the worst things one can have on his or her conscience. Make your fight worth fighting for and know that many great people of the past have fought for what they believed in, so why don’t you? Achieve all that you set out to do and accomplish each and every one of your goals. Of course it may be easier said than done, but what’s the purpose of life if you don’t try to be the best you can and set out to achieve all that you wish for?