Enjoying Lisbon, Portugal: Part 4

Once we finished touring Castelo São Jorge, my sister and I had to make our way back to the city center, where we first began our excursion. From there, we would catch a local bus, which would take us back to the airport. As we walked through the Alfama once again, we came across another olden-day cathedral, but our best (and most delicious) find happened to be in the city center. We spotted Confeitaria Nacional—Lisbon’s oldest confectionery, dating back to 1829.

As my sister and I walked into Confeitaria Nacional, we were in awe of the assortment of pastries available on display. We had a difficult time making the decision of what to order, but one of the locals recommend that we try a Pastel de Nata—an egg tart pastry common in Portugal. It exceeded our expectations, and was the perfect treat to conclude our brief trip to Lisbon. As we savored every last crumb, the city bus arrived, and it was time for us to return to the airport and continue on our trip to Barcelona, Spain.

5 comments on “Enjoying Lisbon, Portugal: Part 4

  1. Dan, yet another lovely post. I believe those egg tart pastries are divine. My husband went to Portugal for business and had one, he to this day, raves about them !!!

    • danbalva says:

      Thank you Lynne! Even though it was the only thing we had to eat during our short time in Portugal, they were so delicious, and my sister and I still continue to talk about them! I’m glad to hear they left the same effect on your husband!

  2. They absolutely did ! 🙂

  3. The tart looks absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! 🙂

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