Day 1 In Vienna, Austria Continued

After our morning tour of Vienna, we drove around the city and continued our tour by bus. In 1898, a new art movement called Art Nouveau gained popularity, as its aim was to modernize design. Two of the first buildings in the city to be designed based off Art Nouveau can be seen pictured below. Green, white, and golden ornaments tended to be some of the more popular designs of this movement. And as you can see with the apartment buildings having been the first to undergo this movement, it is because 82 percent of the Viennese population live in apartments, so these buildings play an important role in the city.

The next building pictured below is also one from the Art Nouveau movement that is nicknamed the Golden Cabbage Head of Vienna. At first, people didn’t like Art Nouveau because it was so new and there was a conflict of the generations, so this nickname came about to spite the movement.  You can see how this movement began to sweep the city, by the coffee-house and subway, both in art nouveau style.

The red building is actually the home of Vienna’s Philharmonic where the Vienna New Year Concert takes place each year. Rumor has it that the concert originally began by the Nazi’s soldiers, but the concert has still survived after World War II. The New Year’s concert has been gaining a lot of popularity, with this year’s concert having been broadcast in over 90 countries worldwide and seen by 50 million people on television. When then passed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, which is an art school of higher education. You can tell just how important the arts are in this city.

We quickly passed by Cafe Landtmann, which was Sigmund Freud’s favorite cafe, where he would go to study and work. As we continued driving, we passed Votivkirche, also known as the Votive Church Vienna, which took over twenty years to build. The city spends close to 30,000 euros to clean the building with a laser system, so you can bet that some of their prayers include praying for the building to stay clean. While passing the Votive Church, we came across St. Rupert’s Church which is arguably the oldest building in Vienna, dating back to 740. As you can see, the history in Vienna is truly remarkable.

One comment on “Day 1 In Vienna, Austria Continued

  1. ckfus says:

    I loved watching the concert on tv this year. It looks like you are enjoying your visit to Vienna. I loved the art and history of the old city, and the sidewalk cafe’s were delightful.

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