Passing By Slovakia to Get to Budapest

As our time in Poland had come to an end, it was time for us to embark on our next journey to Budapest, Hungary. The bus ride took over six hours, so we made a few pit stops along the way. Our first stop was to the oldest Roman Catholic church in the upper Orava region (consisting of northern Slovakia and part of southern Poland). Orawka, built in the mid-1600s and featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is covered in beauty every which way you turn. The paintings, sculptures, and the history behind this church were beyond impressive to gaze at. And when I didn’t even think it was possible, upon seeing the breathtaking scenic route outside of the church is when an even bigger impression was made on us.

While passing through the remaining parts of Poland, we came across an array of magnificent houses which we were told are owned by farmers. The farmers want to make their property as enticing as possible so that their children will stay at home and help them with the farm, as opposed to moving out and working elsewhere. As the bus ride progressed, we had to say “do widzenia” (goodbye in Polish) to Poland, and hello to the Donovaly Ski Resort in Slovakia, where we stopped for lunch along the way. Both the inside and outside of the restaurant we ate at made for great pictures, so when all the patrons were finished eating, they had to compete with one another to take pictures in all of the prime locations.

It was already evening time when we arrived to our hotel in Budapest, so after dinner, we took a walk around the city. We came across an incredibly elegant coffee shop (where of course we had to take some picture), and then spotted the Budapest Opera House. Franz Joseph I (Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary) built an opera house in Vienna but his wife Elisabeth, more commonly known as “Sissi” insisted that he build one in Hungary as well because of her love and fondness for Hungary. Franz Joseph agreed but only under the condition that it couldn’t be bigger than the opera house in Vienna. When the newly built opera house opened in the late 1800’s, he attended an opera but left during intermission because the outside of the building was more beautiful than the one in Vienna, and he never returned.

We concluded the night by walking through the city, which led us to an area filled with local food carts alongside a music festival where a guitarist was playing the guitar behind his head. We then spotted the Budapest Eye and found a hangout park where locals were enjoying the company of one another, sitting, listening to music, and drinking. It really brought my attention to how lively this city is, and I couldn’t wait for our tour to begin in the morning.

One comment on “Passing By Slovakia to Get to Budapest

  1. davidprosser says:

    Sensational pictures and a well written blogpost. Thanks for sharing.

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