The Beginning of a Great Adventure

As I mentioned a while back, today is the day I am going to study abroad for six weeks in Spain. Since I was younger, traveling to Spain seemed to make it on my to-do list each year, so I guess I’m finally getting around to crossing that off the list! I’ll be staying with a host family in Alcala, forty five minutes outside Madrid and traveling as much as possible on the weekends. I think it’s fair for me to speak on behalf of us “Word-pressers” when I say that we love looking at pictures from other trips and hearing about amazing excursions from fellow bloggers, so I’ll be trying to best to blog about my experiences in a new country, a new school, speaking a different language, and of course the exciting travels which will be taking place as much as possible. Here we are on Day One as I head off to Spain! Let’s begin the journey, shall we?

18 comments on “The Beginning of a Great Adventure

  1. Christine says:

    Safe travels! I look forward to reading your updates and seeing your pictures!

  2. P. C. Zick says:

    Safe passage – can’t wait to read more.

  3. Looking forward to your posts

  4. JennyO says:

    Have a fantastic journey!!!

  5. have fun and send me a postcard

  6. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy!!

  7. So very happy for you! And am grateful for the bloggers who capture their adventures with photographs so we can all ‘virtually’ go too. 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

  8. We haven’t met yet, but I’m so happy for you. My very best wishes. Looking forward to hearing of your grand adventure!

  9. SideCapers Macrame says:

    Here we go, I’m ready.

  10. sutira says:

    Hi Dan, thanks for following my blog. All the best to your study abroad. I am also a Hispanophile and took Spanish in college. I’ll be following your Great Adventure!

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