Off To Guatemala!

Later today, I’ll be flying to Guatemala for my fourth medical missionary trip in the past three years. It’s a five day trip, where I will be serving as a volunteer to a team of well-respected doctors and nurses, treating people in a poverty stricken area, where most of the citizens have have never received medical attention in their lives. We will work to treat as many people as possible throughout our stay, seeing as we turn a popular church into a makeshift clinic, which is open to the public. While in Guatemala, we will be staying at an orphanage, called Missioneros Del Camino which serves as a home to children who have either been abused, neglected, or who have any sort of neurological disorder. There is a neurological clinic on site, and it just so happens to be the best one in the country. Parents from America even bring their children there for treatment and therapies! So not only will we be treating those in need, but we will be making ever-lasting memories (or in my case, expanding on ever-lasting memories) with amazing children who really put things into perspective with regards to how important life is. I’ll try to post while I’m there, but trust me I’ll be taking plenty of notes to blog about when I get back. In the meantime, I’d like to end off with a favorite quote of mine which I used a while back, but I think now is a suitable time for it to resurface.

Serving the world with love and cooperation, you will find your own true Self. As you help those in need, selfishness will fall away, and without even noticing you will find your own fulfillment.
-Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

18 comments on “Off To Guatemala!

  1. Have an amazing trip and stay safe! You do such incredible things there and I truly admire you for that. I look forward to hearing about it and the quote at the end is perfection! Love you fav!

    • danbalva says:

      Thanks favorite! You’re the best!! And I can’t wait to hear about you adventures in New York. Hope you’re having an amazing time! 🙂

  2. P. C. Zick says:

    Safe passage. And thanks for inspirational post.

  3. Dana says:

    Have a good trip. You are doing admirable work.

  4. Food Forays says:

    Hope you have a safe, and wonderful experience. Anxious to read about your adventures!

  5. Nice work you do. We believe in that at Kelley Hospitality. Thanks for reading my blog. Safe travels!

  6. Carolyn Lane says:

    In New Zealand, there’s a quote out of a TV medical soap which has got into the vernacular – as a saying intended to put a newcomer back in line: “You’re not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata.” Reading your experiences puts that in great context.
    Great to read about en experience that brings such benefits to both sides of the table.
    And thanks for following my efforts – I wonder that you have time.

  7. Espero que tenga buen viaje, y darle las gracias por la labor que hace, saludos

  8. judysp says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog
    Your support means a lot to me.
    I love your blog and I am a follower now.
    cheers Judy 🙂

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