Helping Yourself Before Those Around You

I recently began reading a book titled, “Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible” by Regina Brett. Each chapter in this book is a different life lesson Ms. Brett offers to her readers based on accounts in her life with inspiring figures. In one of the chapters, she mentions aircraft standard safety procedures we constantly hear on flights before takeoff. “If you have small children traveling with you, be sure to secure your oxygen mask before assisting others.” This is such an easy concept to grasp, but in reality, how many of us would actually put on our own oxygen masks before helping those around us? Often times we spend so much time trying to help others that we tend to lose focus on how we treat ourselves.

Every so often I go to a hypnotist and the very first time we met, she stressed the importance of having our fuel levels be fully charged with energy and relaxation on a daily basis. She told me that it isn’t possible to help others if our fuel level is on low. While it is very noble and respectable of us to tend to the problems of others whenever something goes wrong, we need to first tend to any personal issues at hand before doing anything else. If you constantly aid others every second of your life, you are bound to wear yourself out. This is why you need to first and foremost care for yourself. So go to the gym, get a massage, find time to meditate, listen to relaxing music, go for a run, take a nice bath, or even just go outside and enjoy the surrounding environment around you. Do what you need to do for yourself because if you find yourself facing a state of exhaustion, then you’ll ultimately have nothing left to offer, meaning you can’t help anyone out when they may need it most. Now do you understand why it is so crucial that you take care of yourself?

How many times do you really get the chance to be selfish and only think about yourself? This is the time where you get to focus on you and no one else. At this point in life, you need to make yourself a priority. Really try to take advantage of all the “me-time” you can get because I guarantee that in the long run, it will be worth it. And remember: be sure to secure your oxygen mask before assisting others because once you run out of oxygen, you won’t be able to help those around you.

2 comments on “Helping Yourself Before Those Around You

  1. Very true. If we are not well and fit, we cannot help others.

  2. This is so true, although I guarantee you that if the plane started going down and I knew I only had time to put on one oxygen mask, it would be the one for my (hypothetical) child. Some instincts you just can’t unlearn.

    Last night, I watched “I’m Not There”, and there’s a scene where Bob Dylan meets a woman who I believe is supposed to be Suze Rotolo. Anyway, she asks him, “What is at the center of your world?” You can tell she expects him to say his girlfriend or his music or something. Instead, he replies, “I am.” Suze is a little stunned, and Dylan goes, “Why is that so surprising? Aren’t YOU at the center of YOUR world?”

    Selfishness gets such a bad rap because people mistakenly equate it with greed or arrogance. But you’re right, it’s important to be selfish. Because who can you legitimately expect to look out for you, other than yourself?

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