Cheers From The Fountain of Youth

Having spent the last two days in St. Augustine, I did some touring around the city and made sure to stop at the Fountain of Youth. I’m not going to give you a history lesson about the historical site, because frankly I don’t want to bore you. Don’t get me wrong; It’s not a bad read, but I’ll let you check out the historical facts a different time. So once I got to the fountain and checked out the site, I was given a small cup of water taken from the spring by one of the employees there. Naturally, I drank it, hoping that the myth of being forever young would in fact come true. (If you’re wondering where I’m going with this blog post, stay tuned because I promise there’s a point to be made soon!)

Here’s the thing… Often times in life, we dread our birthdays, because, well, it means we’re one year older. There are certain birthdays to be celebrated such as the twelfth or thirteenth birthday (depending on your gender in the Jewish religion), your fifteenth birthday (a time when many Latin American girls have a Quinceñera), your eighteenth birthday (since you can legally smoke cigarettes, buy lottery tickets, and play poker… oh where did society go wrong?), and of course the big twenty first where you can legally drink. (Some people also celebrate their twenty fifth birthday for being able to rent cars, but to each his/her own). It’s incredible though because when you’re young, you can’t wait to be older, and when you’re older, you would give anything to be younger.

Having just celebrated my twentieth birthday a few days ago, I found it to be quite bitter-sweet. Of course I was thankful to have been able to make it another year with my friends and family members in good health, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit saddened by the number. Twenty years old… This means I am no longer a teenager, which means I can no longer be able to market myself as a “young teen” to literary agents and publishers for my book. (I know… You must be thinking, “Why does he always have to bring everything back to this damn book?” I apologize, but hey you can’t please everyone). I promised myself that I would publish my book before the time had come where I was no longer a teenager. Well, things happen, and hopes and dreams sometimes get pushed aside to a later day, but in the quest of becoming a writer, while juggling school, an internship, campus organizations, etc. I still ask myself every single day how I am going to publish my book; or if it’s going to get published; or if I should self-publish it; or if I should put it aside and begin working on a new project. There are so many questions I continue to ask myself on a daily basis, and this late-night pondering sure doesn’t help answer any of these thoughts.

People would love to be twenty years old again; young, wild, and free, so I really should look at it in a positive manner rather than a pessimistic one. There’s no point in looking back at the past, wishing I had completed my book earlier so it could have already been published before I reached this age. Instead, I will have to alter my goal and work with what I have. I’ll enjoy my small cup of water from the Fountain of Youth and end with this:

Here’s to another year, hopefully a successful one, and of course a healthy one as well, for me, for you, and for the ones we love. May we accomplish all our hopes, goals, and dreams, and never lose sight of them; regardless of whether or not they must be put on a temporary hold. We can and will accomplish all that we wish to. Cheers 🙂

6 comments on “Cheers From The Fountain of Youth

  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Happy belated birthday! Best wishes to you…

  2. Happy twentieth Dan 🙂 Having your goal of publishing your book before the age of 20 was a great goal & you probably achieved a heck of a lot more through having this objective. Keep on trucking, there is always ‘something’ around the corner. I have a friend who is trying to get his book published in the UK. He was told about Harper Collins on-line publishing site, check it out, it may be of help or interest to you.

    Also I nominated you for genuine blogger award. 🙂

    • danbalva says:

      Thanks Sharon! I really appreciate your kind words and motivation. Also, thanks for the website; I’ll make sure to check it out. And thanks for the nomination!! I feel like I’m saying “thanks” a lot in this comment, but I guess today I have a lot to be thankful for 🙂

  3. “”” but in the quest of becoming a writer, while juggling school, an internship, campus organizations, etc. I still ask myself every single day how I am going to publish my book; or if it’s going to get published; or if I should self-publish it; or if I should put it aside and begin working on a new project”””””

    Just a little of Dreamwalker’s thoughts sent out here to you Dan… Get rid of the word ” IF ” in your thinking.. When the Universe Manifest, It manifests your projected thoughts, So IF you keep Using IF and WHEN, the Universe Delivers. So your INTENT needs to focus on the positive and PRESENT tense.. It HAS been Published, IT IS a BEST Seller, IT IS on the Bookshelves, and is flying TOP TEN, see what I mean, that way the Universe opens up and creates the finished resulted Thought.. Thoughts are Living energy in which we create our Reality, Just take a look around you right now at your room… And name me one thing in it, that wasn’t first someone’s thought!..
    As we THINK- So We Create..
    So Create a Best Seller that the Publishers Love. 🙂 😉 Sue

    • danbalva says:

      Thanks Sue! I couldn’t agree more with your thought process, and it’s always great to be reminded to think more positively! I’m so glad that you stopped by my blog, as your encouragement and new friendship truly means a lot!

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