Throwing In The Ingredients

Let’s get real for a minute. How many of us know what we’re doing here? No, I don’t mean know what our plans are for today, tomorrow, or next week. I’m taking about the big picture. How many of us know where we’re going in life? What are our goals, achievements, and dreams? How will we get there?

A countless amount of us tend to live life according to plan. For example, we wake up, eat breakfast, go to work or school, come home, have a snack or relax, do school or occupational work, maybe work out, eat dinner, watch T.V. and then go to sleep. As boring and unappealing as this set schedule, I know for a fact many of you can relate. It’s difficult to add a whole lot of fun and excitement into our daily itinerary, but life is too short not to enjoy ourselves.

If you have ever baked any kind of dessert, you know there are two ways of doing so. You can stand there and measure each ingredient perfectly so that everything falls into place, just as you had expected, or you can estimate measurements as you throw ingredients in the mixing bowl, hoping it all turns out for the best. I’ve baked a few desserts before, and when I first began, I would drive myself crazy measuring exact amounts of ingredients. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I got to a point where I began estimating and throwing in the ingredients. The desserts from the second method of baking came out just as good as the other, and I found this to way to be a lot more fun than the first.

We have one life to live, and one life only. To spend it living according to plan, every single second of the day is a waste of the precious gift we have been given, called time. Go out and enjoy yourselves. Spend time with the ones you love. Accomplish everything you had ever wanted to achieve. Follow your dreams and make them come true. Do the things in life that you enjoy doing, and pursue these activities much more often than before. Stop wasting so much time measuring exact amounts of ingredients. Start throwing the ingredients in, and begin living your life!

4 comments on “Throwing In The Ingredients

  1. I don’t what I’m doing 99% of the time. I never have any expectation about where life will take me because I think we all sort of just end up where we need to be. The only thing I make sure of is to have fun as much as possible. Life, in my opinion, isn’t worth living if you can’t have a few laughs along the way.

  2. This really speaks to the OCD in me. I’m always trying to measure and create the ‘perfect’ end result. Much to my dismay, I find this method is usually self-defeating. Hence why I constantly try to remind myself of the ‘throwing in the ingredients’ method of life so that I can quit being so compulsive and enjoy what life has to offer.

    Great words and best of luck on publishing!

    • danbalva says:

      Looks like we’re in the same boat here. The OCD in me always wants to measure the exact ingredients as well, but life tends to be much more enjoyable if we just throw in the ingredients. Thanks for the comment; I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who thinks like this! 🙂

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