Jumping On The Technology Bandwagon

I have been told countless times now that if I want to make it as a successful writer, the next step after writing what every author hopes will be a best-selling book is to jump on the technology bandwagon. So, here I am, writing away on my first blog. Who knows how many followers I’ll end up having, or how many people (besides my grandma) will actually read this, but it’s worth a shot, right?

All writers have goals that they set for themselves, with high hopes of accomplishing them. Whether it be publishing a book, having an incredibly large fan-base follow the author’s works and forms of social media, or just making lots of money (which I hear is quite the challenge in this industry), I already know what it is that I would like to accomplish. But before I get into that, let me say this: I write for different reasons. I write to help people, I write to captivate my readers interest. I write to purge myself of everything on my mind, and recently I have been writing to keep a paycheck. (I have a paid internship with a local magazine, so even though I’m not a financially-struggling writer, I still want to keep the small bucks coming in). There are various reasons as to why I write, but there is only one thing I want to accomplish with my writing. I want my writing to help as many people as possible. Whether my writing aids my readers by giving them something to do, provides them with the inspiration and motivation to go out into the world as a better person, or even offers them the much needed encouragement to carry into tomorrow, that is when I will know I am a successful writer. As long as my writing can help just one person, I will be the richest writer in the world.

So here goes my blogging experience…


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